Waking The Moon, Under Cover Of The Moon, & November Update

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Now that his friend and alpha has claimed the werewolf throne, Nick Sarseen should be free to claim his own mate. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want a mate. She wants him, just not all the way and definitely not the bite that would tie them together permanently. Convincing her to accept him will take time and patience. He isn’t sure if he has enough of either though, when he learns her best kept secret.

Maggie Sanders has always been at the center of the pack and popular outside it, which makes her a perfect intelligence source for the Regis. It also helps her aid women escaping rogue werewolves in a secret network very few know about. When Gage rats her out, Nick is furious, especially when he finds out how dangerous her next mission is. Can he accept the woman she is or will he lose her forever?

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Darius Stewart has been banished and offered the leadership of a new pack. With the pack to settle and a rogue wolf terrorizing the local population, threatening to expose their species, the last thing he needs is a mate further complicating his life.

That’s just fine with Meg O’Reilly. A witch, she knows something is not right in her town. Discovering there are good werewolves, bad werewolves, and the possessive, bossy, sexy alpha wolf trying to take over her life is not exactly welcome. Too bad she can’t seem to keep her distance.

This book was originally published in 2006. It has been revised and expanded.

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I’m back in the writing/revising cave with KISS OF SHADOWS, and working on DEFIANCE. Hopefully, I’ll have release dates by the end of the year. I’m also tinkering with a new secret project that I’m very excited about. More on that later!

Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!

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