Couple: Harmony Marks & Arkyn Trace

Published: Coming Soon

Harmony Marks has spent months tracking down the surviving members of the Tel Group, a secret organization of psychics that operated in the shadows for generations, and probably still does.

Tel isn’t her only headache, though. As head of family security, along with her twin sister Adalind, she’s investigating a series of very slick thefts. When a unit of Delroi warriors show up at her carefully laid trap also searching for thieves, she is certain it is all somehow connected.

Arkyn Trace has been on planet a whole six hours when his cousin drags him into an investigation. As the former Trace spymaster, he has the necessary skills, and it’s interesting enough. Especially when he encounters Harmony Marks.

He journeyed to Earth to search for his mate. Since he hadn’t found one in fifty years on Delroi, he figured Earth was his last hope. He’s stunned to meet her so quickly, though, and she’s everything he’d hoped for. Smart. A warrior. Beautiful. She’s also wary and independent.

Arkyn will need all his charm—and his investigation skills—to convince her they’re perfect for each other.