Series: Lunar Mates 12

Couple: Natasha Donovan & Lee Henderspn

Published: Coming soon

Lee Henderson has taken control of the Society of Rogues with a hidden agenda—protect his family at any cost and destroy the monsters hiding in its ranks. He has few friends, many enemies, and almost no one he can trust. When he discovers his mate has been hiding in plain sight behind a magical shield and they suddenly share a bond, he’s furious. She’s on the long list of people he doesn’t trust.

Natasha (last name?) is one of the few women who can survive in the Society and she does it fueled by a desire for vengeance. She’s figured out who Lee is, and when her blocking spells are broken she’s forced to tell him everything. What she suspects. Who and what she is.

To move forward with both those plans, they have to learn to trust each other, but with so many past lies between them is that even possible?