October Update

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Hey y’all! Who’s looking forward to fall? I definitely am, but we have a while yet in my neck of the woods. We’re still in the mid-high 80s. The décor is fun though, and I love the excess of apple cinnamon candles lol. Anyway, onto to the updates!

Newsletter Changes

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ve already seen that my eldest has taken it over for me. It always ends up languishing on my to do list, and she has experience in running one in her IRL job. We’re still tweaking the process, but it will go out once a month with updates, cover reveals, sales etc. Or if I forgot to give her a release date, and we both missed it in the proofing and testing stage. Ahem. Sorry about that. The only other time it will go out more than once a month is if I have links for a new book released in that month and need to share the store links.

New Releases

Waking The Moon will be out October 24, 2022. It’s with the proofer now, so I haven’t set up pre-order links yet. I’ve heard too many horror stories about an early file being sent out instead of the final, and I can’t take that anxiety lol. The book’s page on my site is here. Once I have those links, I will add them to the page and the homepage.

Kiss Of Shadows

 This book, y’all. I thought it would be published by now, but when I dove into edits I realized some of it was just not working and I wasn’t sure how to fix it. So I let it sit a little bit and worked on Waking The Moon. And it worked! I should be done with the revision in about a week, send it to my editor next month, and hopefully release it in December, depending on editor and proofer schedules.

What’s After That?

Lee Henderson (Rebel Moon) and Mikal Jain (Defiance) are both loud in my head right now, which is a pita because so is Mitchell Grant (Kiss Of Shadows). Don’t get me started on Luke Black (Kiss of Midnight). Rebel Moon and Defiance will be next, and I’ll be working on Viking’s Conquest too. Probably all three at the same time. (When I get stuck, I like to jump around. It usually helps.) Luke is just gonna have to wait. Rebel Moon, Defiance, and Viking’s Conquest should all be released in the first half of next year.

Loribelle, this looks very ambitious!

It does! I have Lupus and I’m amazed I haven’t been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was also diagnosed with a pinched nerve this summer and that led to some little changes that have made a much bigger difference than I expected. Yoga, short walks over the course of the day, and my hot tub. Who knew an inflatable hot tub from Wally World would make such a difference? I also set up a data heavy excel sheet last month, and it’s let me see where my best hours are for working. Honestly, I’ve read that advice before but was skeptical. Live and learn, right?


You can sign up for the newsletter here for important announcements and check here for more in depth updates. You can also join my private Facebook group,  Delroi Oasis, where I post new covers first and sometimes longer excerpts pre-release.

That’s it for now!  

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