Midyear Update

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Whew! I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through 2022 already, and man, has it been a wild ride! I spent the first quarter pretty sick, but I’m bouncing back. The writing has been slow but steady which is always a relief lol! Onto the updates!

Kiss of Shadows (Elora & Mitchell) got delayed because of illness and some editing delays. I hope to have a concrete release date next month. I’m also working on Waking The Moon (Maggie & Nick), which should release in October. Defiance (Danine & Mikal) is also in progress. I’ve had some questions about the next Viking book. It should be next after Waking The Moon and Defiance.

In other personal updates, meet our granddog Zelda, who prefers to be called Princess, and is staying with us for a little while. She’s not very helpful with writing, but she’s great at sitting on the back of my couch and judging me for staring off into space lol.

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I heading back to the editing and writing cave. 🙂

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