Series: Dark Bonds 3

Couple: Elora Cates & Mitchell Grant

Coming Soon

Demon-hybrid Elora Cates was banished by the Order for ten years. When she finally returns home, the Camden region is in upheaval. Their old commander and representative on the council are dead, and their numbers are severely depleted by a series of demon attacks. To make matters worse, a rival region is trying to recruit the survivors.

Still, it’s home and Elora is happy to be back among her own, even if she is struggling with her demon more than she should be. The logical thing would be to find someone to bond with, but something—someone—holds her back.

When a hybrid goes rogue, killing some of lupine alpha Mitchell Grant’s people, he must work with Elora to track down and destroy the rogue. Mitchell is fascinated by the wary and reserved hybrid. As he gets to know the woman behind the façade, she calls to him as no other ever has, but he senses her time is running out. Can he convince her they’re mates before she succumbs to her demon?