Series: The Elect 2

Couple: Mallory White & Zach Littman

Published: March 9, 2017

Welcome to the top of the food chain…

The Elect. They aren’t human. They’re the next step in evolution and they’re hiding in plain sight. Their senses are sharper, finely honed. They’re stronger, smarter, and faster. Nature has created the perfect predator.

He’d give anything to correct the past…

Zach Littman has made one major screw up in his life. He let his wife go. He’d give anything to reverse that blunder, but as long as she stays away he’s willing to leave her be.

One chance to make it right…

Now, with the Elect under attack, Mallory volunteers for a dangerous mission to gather information they desperately need. She’s back in Zach’s territory and he has every intention of making up his previous mistakes. If he can keep her alive.

This book was previously published.

This book was previously published.

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