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Happy December!

I have a couple things to share here. First, I have two sales running until Christmas. If you missed out on any of the Delroi Warrior books the bundle of all four is available for $2.99, and from the Lunar Mates series, Christmas Moon is on sale for .99. Links below!

The next book in the Delroi Empire series, Defiance, is coming along and should be available in late January or early February. And here’s the cover!

Danine Vaas is a woman with a mission. Unfortunately, she needs the mate who doesn’t want her to accomplish it. Mikal Jain has already lost one mate and refuses to lose another, but when Danine shows up on his doorstep he realizes the only way to keep her safe is to claim her and risk everything.



Kayna Idis has a serious problem. She’s in love with the wrong man. Razor Deriq is everything she always wanted. Strong and steadfast. Sexy and fun. Then Sergei Trace enters her life, just as compelling in his own way. He’s dark and mysterious, hard and unflinching, and she wonders if she can have them both.


Angie Crews has secrets. Lots of them. Coming to Delroi and meeting two men who want her to break all her rules is not happening, no matter how tempting they are.


General Talia Lowell isn’t quite sure what to do with the alien warrior who barges into her life, but since he refuses to budge from his insistence she’s his mate, she figures she might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Cassius has other plans, however. He’s here to stay.


When Reza Stian receives word that the mate he’s refused to claim has been kidnapped by a faction of her clan, he can’t sit back and do nothing. But things are not as simple as they seem.

Carisma Green is heir to one of the most powerful clans on Delroi, and she doesn’t have time for Reza’s over protectiveness. She’s hunting a killer with her lover Nicos Jain, who is also Reza’s mate. When Reza learns the truth, he’s determined to protect them at any cost, but will he drive them away in the process?

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Lilah Anderson is a woman with secrets. Always moving, her identity known to a very small few, she escapes a rogue and seeks assistance from the one werewolf she knows absolutely would never betray her. His strategy of hide-in-plain-sight would have worked fine if she hadn’t gone to a strange pack posing as an innocent human and run smack into not one but two mates.

Cooper and Aaron Williamson, both retired hunters, are eager to claim Lilah. She’s smart, beautiful, psychically talented. As her secrets unravel, their fascination with her and dedication to her grows. But when her true nature is revealed will they accept her or let her walk away?

Available at:

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  1. Marian Corcoran

    I love your Delroi books. I am wondering when Defiance and Arkyn will be released. You mentioned in your December newsletter that Defiance would be available in January or February. Do you happen to have an updated timeline for these books. Cheers Marian Corcoran

    1. admin

      Hi Marian! Thanks! Arkyn will be out next month and Defiance in September. Life got a little crazy the first half of the year. 🙂

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