Series: Delroi Connection 4, Delroi Universe 4

Couple: Janice Hawkins & Falkor Trace

Published: June 4, 2013

Janice Hawkins is a woman on a mission, and it doesn’t include getting wrapped up—or naked—with Delroi warrior Falkor Trace. No matter how appealing and sexy he is. After a couple of weeks on Delroi, she returns to Earth determined to free herself of the shadowy Tel Group. The secretive organization of telepaths trained her, used her for dishonorable means, and may have been behind the deaths of her parents. When word reaches her the organization is once again recruiting minors, she knows the time has come to act. She may not be left standing at the end, but she’s taking them down with her.

Falkor isn’t about to let his mate go. After following her to Earth, he discovers she is a mix of lies and secrets. Unraveling them exposes a woman of courage and honor. A woman who has always walked alone. She may not be willing to admit she needs help, but he’s not going to leave her to such a dangerous undertaking on her own. But to do so they must learn to trust each other and time is running out.

Originally published 2010.

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“You sure you’re okay?” Janice watched Britt carefully for her answer. The assassin’s blade, only the day before, hadn’t cut the skin but there was a fading red mark where it’d pressed too close.

“Of course. I’m fine.”

Sure she was. Janice wasn’t the only one concerned. Across the rooftop deck, out of hearing of their softly spoken conversation, Britt’s husband Barak, or mate as they said on this world, watched her as closely as Janice did. His brother stood tall and still and silent at his side. He turned to look at Janice every now and then, his gaze at once hot and chilly.

Falkor Trace.

It was a name that haunted her waking hours and soothed her nights. She’d only been on Delroi a few days, yet already she felt altered. Every new place she went to changed her. Sometimes in little ways. Sometimes big. This change had the power to completely change her life. She wasn’t sure she was ready for that yet.

It was the promise of a different existence that had brought her to Delroi, the chance to eventually set aside the nomadic assassin’s life she’d led so long. She looked away from Britt, closed her eyes and took in a deep lungful of the cool desert air. What would it be like to breathe free on Earth? Really free? To not always be looking over her shoulder? Not always calculate every move? She turned and looked at Falkor.

To choose a lover for no other reason than she wanted him?

She would have none of those things if she didn’t complete her mission here and return home for the final part, the personal part. She forced all those thoughts deep into her mind. She was sitting in the open air with three telepaths, the strongest one an old friend and her former boss. Another who turned her on like no man had ever done before. And none who needed to know what she was up to.

She stared at the desert visible beyond the city’s crowded buildings. Most of the planet was dry and arid. She’d flown over the Green Zone on her way down to meet Britt, an area reputed to be home to some of the fiercest soldiers on Delroi. No doubt from generations of fighting to keep their farmlands. But as pretty as it had looked from the air, it couldn’t compare to the stark beauty of the Southern desert. It was wild and brutal, beautiful and beguiling. Just like the people who populated it. Or one in particular. Falkor was dangerous. More to her state of mind than her life.

Why in hell had she agreed to stay? Just to torture herself? She sighed and knew it gave away too much when Britt turned a sharp, knowing gaze on her.

“Second thoughts?”

“Of course,” she echoed Britt’s earlier response with a half smile. “I don’t belong in this kind of scene. This quiet family gathering thing y’all have going on.”

It said something about her state of mind that her Southern drawl was coming out, didn’t it? Britt shrugged.

“I fit. Why shouldn’t you?”

Janice shook her head. “Mostly they used you as a spy, Britt. Me?” Even to her the laugh sounded bitter, not like her own. “My skills are known to be a bit more specific.”

Britt leaned closed and lowered her voice. “I know that at one point at least, you were part of The Tel Group and I suspect you want out. They don’t let anyone go easily. But this is a new world, a new life, Janice. You can be whatever you want here.”

She was stunned at Britt’s observation and not about to admit her connection to The Tel Group, a secret fanatical group of psychics on Earth. Britt had no idea how lucky she was to have escaped their notice as a child. By the time she was old enough to be required to register as a telepath, she was too established in military intelligence for them to bother with. Britt must know that and she was a good friend to offer Janice a way out, but Janice liked her too much to risk her safety by explaining why she couldn’t break with Tel just yet.

She wanted to at least tell Britt there was no way she could stay on Delroi, but what would be the point? She’d agreed to this mission in a fit of weakness, ignoring for a moment her true purpose on Earth. She planned to enjoy a respite for a few days and then get back to reality.

“I don’t know if a new life is possible,” she said lightly, standing up. “I do know it’s very late and I’m exhausted. I’ll see you in the morning, okay?”

She didn’t wait for more than a nod before leaving. Britt tried to hide it, but she was worried, and that worry beat at Janice’s mind. In addition to being a telepath, she was an empath. In some ways that made her stronger, but sometimes, like now when she was tired and her defenses weren’t at their best, it made her vulnerable. She knew Britt wanted to save her and she also knew it was impossible. A part of her wanted it anyway, the part tempted by the promises in Falkor’s eyes.

It was time to find some privacy to rebuild the walls that guarded her heart and sanity. She followed the stairs from the roof, down two floors and into her suite, pulling clothes off as soon as she shut the door behind her. Not sure if she was torturing herself or Falkor or trying to force him to make a move, she pulled the blankets off the bed and crawled under the thin sheet. He didn’t keep her waiting long, but he didn’t come anywhere close to giving her the release she needed either. Entering silently, he sat in the chair across from the bed and removed his boots. Then with a deep sigh he leaned back, one hand rising to shield his face.

“It would be more comfortable in bed, ya know.”

He didn’t budge. “Go to sleep, derlan. You are not ready for that step.”

She huffed. “If you insist on sleeping in here every night, you might as well be comfortable. I’m not offering sex. Feel better now?” she ended sarcastically.

He rose and circled the bed. Her heart raced when it dipped. “I will not feel better until that happy event finally occurs,” he muttered. He climbed in behind her, fully clothed, and his arms circled her waist.

“This isn’t really what I had in mind.”

“I know what you had in mind. Sleeping with me. And then leaving me. It isn’t going to happen. Go to sleep, sweetheart.” And damned if she didn’t.